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10 Reasons To Hire Inclusivity Consultants

There are many reasons someone might want to hire us here at Kattari Consulting – here are just a few suggestions!

1. You (and your practice/organization/community/school) want to be proactive in offering a more inclusive environment for your clients/employees/community/students, and are ready to start or continue that conversation.

2. You have read some of the publications Leo and Shanna have authored around the experiences of trans people, disabled people, people of color, LGBQA people, and others, and want to learn from their experience. Perhaps by conducting research of your own, or by putting better practices into place to reduce these experiences of discrimination.

3. You have already been doing work around cultural awareness and diversity, but want to make the leap towards cultural humility, cultural responsivness, and true inclusion.

4. You want to create change in your work space, community, school, or other space, but don’t know how to get the ball rolling

5. You are part of human resources, and you want to learn more about best practices for being as supportive and inclusive as possible for all your employees.

6. You know that businesses that have the most inclusive policies and practces recruit and retain the move committed and innovative employees, and you want that to be your business.

7. You are a medical professional that wants to offer best practices and high quality care to your patients, and you need a little help with making that happen as efficiently as possible.

8. You are a teacher, or part of a school administration, and want to create safer spaces in your schools, camps, day care, or other learning space to make sure all students of different identities are welcomed, celebrated, and can focus on learning.

9. You are ready to move towards incredible change, and want some cheerleaders to support your amazing momentum.

10. You know that there is much you don’t know, and want to start a conversation about how you can keep learning and growing to be the best person you can be!



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