Kattari Consulting: Empowering Communities Toward Intentional Inclusivity

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We offer multi-faceted equity and inclusivity consulting

Who Benefits from Kattari Consulting?

Organizations, communities and individuals benefiting:


Whether you are part of a human resources team, a Chief Diversity Office, or a staff member wanting to support the creation of a more inclusive environment at your office, we are here to help on a variety of levels.


Experienced in creating more inclusive healthcare settings, we are prepared to work with providers, staff, & communities to offer high quality, innovative, and inclusive health care.


Not matter if you have 3 employees or 300, there are challenges around inclusion, tokenizing, and employee/community support that are unique to non-profits. We are well versed in engaging these topics.

Higher Education

We have experience in supporting the creation and implementation of campus policies, offering workshops to students, faculty, and staff, and helping to create lasting change.

K-12 Schools

From addressing bathroom situations to high schools that want to offer completely inclusive sexuality and relationship education classes, we are here to support students, teachers, administration, and parents.


Community meet ups, neighborhood associations,families, and individuals - whatever your set up is, we are skilled at engaging the tough issues across all areas.

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